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DCL is continually striving to make the work of doing business easier for it customers.  Customers can now log-in to DCL’s system and gain immediate access to their key information on-line via the web 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

Currently, DCL offers customers the ability to easily access, view and print their proof test certificates via its own ‘Certs Online System’.

Already a ‘Certs Online registered user,
Simply click here or go to “Certs Online Login” on the area to the left and enter your Username and Password which will take you to your on-line certificates via the web 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

Want to register for DCL ‘Certs Online’,
Simply click here or go to “Customer Registration” tab shown to the left which will take you to the Registration page.

For more in-depth management of rigging and other assets, DCL offers an ‘Asset Management System’ Powered by InfoChip.  The Asset Management system can utilize state of the art RFID tagging and other means to effectively manage a customer’s assets.

Already an ‘Asset Management’ registered user, simply login to DCL’s Asset Management system.

Coming soon DCL customers will have additional tools, calculators and new ways to access inventory, financial information and other on-line features to assist with managing their business and assets in partnership with DCL.

Please call 1-800-228-7660 or email DCL at to learn more about all the services DCL offers.