Deck and Dock

DCL Mooring and Rigging carries a wide inventory of everything a maritime vessel could need for its deck and dock. We carry turnbuckles, stub end turnbuckles & bodies, and we have the dimensions for turnbuckle ends. We also carry ratchets, chain stoppers, chain stopper aseemblies, d-rings, and kevels. Another set of items we carry are double bitts in all sizes, panama chocks in all sizes, as well as hatches in all sizes. Finally, we carry button chocks, roller buttons, and composite Piles & timbers.

Composite Pilings and Timbers:

  • Available up to 30+ Meters long
  • Diameters up to 60 centimeters wide
  • Proprietary Manufacturing Process
  • Composite pilings can be Used as Load Bearing or used in Fendering Applications
  • They also have a proven UV resistance; they will not rot or rust
  • Environmentally stable and safe

As always, we at DCL strive to give you the best customer service and meet the strictest quality standards to ensure that you get a consistent, reliable product each and every time you order deck and dock supplies from DCL Mooring and Rigging. Give our knowledge sales staff a call today at 504-944-3366. You may send them an email inquiring about deck and dock supplies at Additionally, you may request a quote using the link provided.

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