About DCL & Slingmax


DCL is honored to be part of the worldwide SLINGMAX ® Organization. The SLINGMAX ® Company and its products stand for innovation, quality and solutions. With literally thousands of rigging companies worldwide, SLINGMAX ® only selects companies that demonstrate the highest standard of quality controls, a culture of innovation and true professionalism with the privilege of representing SLINGMAX ®. DCL is proud to be part of the exclusive worldwide team of only 42 full-service locations that fabricate the most advanced rigging products on the market today.

SLINGMAX ® was founded by innovator and entrepreneur Dennis St. Germain. In the early 1980’s, Mr. St. Germain saw a need for proven alternatives to lifting requirements. Although existing wire rope, polyester round and chain slings served certain purposes, they did not address the increasing demands for safety, lightweight and flexibility that specialized lifts and particularly heavy lifts were requiring. Through extensive engineering and testing, Dennis developed the most advanced rigging solutions in the market today. These Rigging “Solutions” include:

  • The only inspectable, repairable, ergonomically superior multi-path synthetic sling – The High Performance Twin-Path ® Extra Sling with K-SPEC ® Core Yarn. These are fabricated with proprietary core strands that provide the highest capacity per strand and less than 1% stretch within the sling. The Twin-Path ® offers multiple early warning indicators and can be rated for lifting up to 600 tons each.
  • The most effective nine-part / multi-part sling designs – The SLINGMAX ® nine-parts are Gator-Max®, Gator-Laid ®, Gator-Flex ®, T&D Ultra-Flex and Tri-Flex ®. These designs provide significant additional strength versus traditional nine-part slings. They include 12 parts in the eye compared to 10 for traditional slings, parallel laid eyes with no cross-overs for greater efficiency in the body, a 1/1 D/d ratio and can be made to exact lengths.
  • Innovative rigging product solutions including the SLINGMAX ® G-Link™ connectors, CornerMax ® cut protectors and Synthetic Armor Pads. These products work with any synthetic sling.

Do not take our word for it, SLINGMAX ® conducts extensive testing on all of its products and designs to back up its claims. No other fabricator can provide the same level of testing and analysis to customers that provides the peace-of-mind SLINGMAX ® products deliver. DCL can provide you with any supportive testing data upon request. WE ARE PROUD TO BE IN THE SLINGMAX ® NUMBER!!