Why Slingmax Twin-Path ®?

All roundslings have 2 basic components, the core and the cover – Slingmax ® significantly improves upon the core and cover and adds a third and a fourth component not found anywhere – two independent paths in one sling and early warning indicators.

The Cover: Slingmax CoverMax ® is proprietary and backed by independent testing

  • The most abrasion resistant
  • The most burst resistant
  • The most protection for UV damage
  • Separate red inner cover for easier damage detection
  • CoverMax ® cover is repairable – (over 90% of the TPXC slings sent for repair are repairable)
  • CoverMax ® cover has patented Rifled Core Technology
  • Covermax ® cover is available only through Authorized Slingmax® Fabrication and Repair centers

The Core: Slingmax ® K-Spec core ® yarn is proprietary and backed by independent testing

  • Does not wear out in cycle testing (50,000 cycles @ 150% capacity)
  • Proven to be the best fiber on fiber abrasion resistance of all high performance fibers (better than 100%  Dyneema ®)
  • Strongest per pound – (Lighter Slings)
  • Performed the heaviest lifts and holds the world record at 1,600 tons
  • Highest capacity of any roundsling (600 MT VRC or 3,000 MT mbs)
  • Most tested of all high performance sling fibers.
  • K-Spec ® core yarn has only .7% elongation at VRC and 1.4% elongation at proof load
  • Resistant to most chemicals
  • The K-Spec ® core yarn is a blend which minimizes the detriments of any single fiber
  • Most proven over time – over 15 years in the field
  • K-Spec  ® core yarn does not experience creep (non-recoverable stretch)
  • Each lot of K-Spec® core yarn is subjected to numerous break tests for quality assurance
  • K-Spec ® core yarn maintains full traceability from raw material to finished sling

The Path’s: Slingmax Twin-Path  ® design is proprietary and repairable

  • Redundant Back-up Protection – Two separate and independent slings in one!
  • Unique design allows for reparability – Over 90% of the TPXC slings sent for repair are repairable
  • Twin-Path ® Extra Slings have unmatched length tolerances (plus or minus .5 inches)
  • Most manufacturing, repair and testing locations – 80 worldwide

The Early Warning Indicators: Slingmax Check-Fast ® Inspection System & Fiber Optic Inspection are proprietary

  • Check-Fast ® Inspection System – Provides user early warning that sling is overloaded
  • Fiber Optic Inspection – Allows user to check for possible damage to core yarns from heat, chemical or crushing
  • Any roundsling with an overload indicator is better than one with no indicator
  • Separate red inner cover for easier damage detection


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