DCL carries a large variety of shackles to meet each and every customer’s heavy lift needs. We are an exclusive distributor for Crosby Shackles. We have several different Crosby shackles including the round pin, screw pin, bolt type, alloy screw pin, alloy bolt type, and the wide-body shackles.

We are also an exclusive distributor of Green Pin® shackles, as well. Green Pin® shackles are used in lifting and static systems as removable links to connect (steel) wire rope, chain, and other fittings. Screw pin shackles are used mainly for non-permanent applications. Safety bolt shackles are used for long-term or permanent applications, or where the load may slide on the pin causing rotation of the pin. Chain or dee shackles are mainly used on one-leg systems, whereas anchor or bow shackles are mainly used on multi-leg systems.

We also carry the proprietary product LBNO Forged Towing shackles, which are primarily designed for the marine towing industry. The wide throat opening and more than generous inside dimensions will allow for the passage of heavy-duty hawser thimbles, in addition to the large synthetic rope thimbles normally used in the towing industry. In order to accomplish this with standard shackles, a much larger shackle must be used, thus creating a weight problem in handling for the workmen. The LBNO shackle is equipped with an oval-shaped pin which is stronger than round pins and less likely to deform. The tapered end of the pin is carefully threaded the full width of the nut, eliminating the common problem of galled threads. All pins come with a safety nut secured by a cotter key to prevent backing off due to vibration.