DCL carries several types of buoys to meet each and every one of your marine industrial needs. We carry 30″ diameter steel spherical buoys, as well as plastic spherical types. We also carry 58″ diameter spherical types, as well as 58″ foam-filled steel with cruciform and padeye.

DCL Mooring and Rigging also carries Cylindrical steel buoys for mooring purposes. We have a large stock of buoy release hooks, and special opening quick release hooks. We also exclusively carry MFI Cylindrical Pendant buoys, which resist wear and abrasion on the outer skin. They also have a closed-cell foam core fill that prevents loss of buoyancy if punctured, and best of all they are lighter than conventional steel types. We also carry MFI rectangular anchor pendant types, which are similar to standard types but differ in that they are rectangular in shape. The rectangular shape makes them roll resistant, and again they are lighter than conventional steel types. Another MFI product that we carry are MFI Mooring Buoys, which are U.S. Coast guard approved. These mooring types have a T bar through the middle which can effectively be used to make the buoy turn and spin, with wires or ropes. More inventory products that we carry include semi-spherical support , MFI cylindrical utility , MFI chain through, and finally Navigational & Marker Buoys. Semi-spherical support types are smaller overall than normal types, have a cylindrical body, and semi-spherical end cap. Cylindrical utility types have a cylindrical body, with a flat end cap that has places to be able to easily attach release hooks, or any other type of hook that may be used. Chain through types are somewhat self-explanatory in that they offer the user the ability to put a chain through the interior, which is perfect for sets or rows alongside a ship. Navigational and marker types are easily customized and can be used to house solar panels which can directly link to power-using items, in the deep sea.