DCL Mooring and Rigging is a leading fabricator and manufacturer of wire rope slings. DCL manufactures single leg slings with all types of end pieces to customize for the job that the sling needs to accomplish.

We have them with the basic swage loop, swage thimble, swage thimble eye hook, swage thimble safety pin anchor shackle, swage hawser thimbles, open swage socket,  and closed swage socket. We also have multi-leg bridles, including 2 leg bridles which use a master link at the top to hold the two separate slings together. These are perfect for lifting items that need to be attached at multiple points to properly distribute the weight of the item being lifted. 3 leg bridles and 4 leg bridles again are the same thing, just adding another separatee sling onto the master link. Adding legs increases the working load limit that the sling can hold, and also properly distributes the weight across all attached legs. Another component common on wire rope slings is poured sockets. We use a compound called wirelock to attach the wire rope sling to the socket for maximum efficiency. Wirelock is a resin compound made by Crosby, for use in pour socket wire rope sling assemblies. We also manufacture grommets which are basically slings for use in lifting an item that has no place to hook or latch onto, basically, it is an endless wire rope sling that can be fitted into specific designs to properly lift odd-shaped items. DCL also manufactures multi-part braided slings including 2-leg choker bridles, 8 part braided choker slings, tri-flex wire rope slings, gator-flex grommets, gator-max wire rope slings with parallel eyes, gator-laid wire rope slings with parallel eyes, gator-flex wire rope slings, and T & D Ultra-Flex Wire Rope Slings.