DCL Mooring and Rigging offers several services beyond their normal product line and inventory which we sell to consumers at very competitive rates.

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These services include rigging services and mooring services. Another service is specialty lifts which includes engineered lifts and spreader bars, as well as the creation of multi-part braided slings. We also do load testing and inspections. The pull testing services include a 3 million LBS pull test bed, along with two other testbeds including a portable testing unit that we can bring to your site! Inspections include certified wire rope and sling inspection. We also do several different types of portable testing which include portable basket testing, skid testing, and tank testing. We also maintain an asset management program using software through partner company TessaLink. The asset management program goes through a 3 step process for assets to ensure that they are always properly tested and certified. Those steps include inspection, testing, and then re-certification on a timed basis, most often yearly. The asset management program also has an asset management system that can track assets using RFID tags and handheld readers, as well as a document control system with online certificates ready 24/7. More services that we offer are portable spooling services, fender repair, and finally engineering and fabrication.  As always our goal is to satisfy the customer in any way possible while conforming to the strictest quality standards to maintain a consistent and reliable product or service that you can count on anytime you buy from DCL Mooring & Rigging. For more information please contact our knowledgeable, friendly sales staff today at (504)-944-3366.