Whatever your lifting requirements may be, large, heavy equipment; delicate electronic components unusually shaped and unbalanced parts . . . all these proven applications and many more can be safely and economically handled with DCL Mooring & Rigging Synthetic Slings.

Some features of Nylon Web Synthetic slings are that they are lightweight. Nylon and polyester webbing slings are lighter, less bulky, and much more convenient to handle than conventional wire rope, chain, wire mesh, or manila rope slings of comparable capacity. The most delicate or highly polished surfaces can be handled without the danger of being marred or scratched. Synthetic slings are also considered to be much safer than traditional slings. They are manufactured from 100% nylon or polyester webbing, which DCL slings possess a safety factor of 5. Every sling is identified with a permanent sewn tag indicating working load limit, type of material, and DCL name. Another few other key factors when deciding to choose a synthetic sling are that they are non-decaying, shock-absorbing, quality material, and you are getting a certified sling. Synthetic slings are highly resistant to rot, mildew, and aging. They can be readily used in wet or even saltwater applications. DCL synthetic slings have a factor of elasticity of up to 20% allowing them to absorb heavy shock thereby cushioning a load rather than subjecting it to sudden jamming. Only the finest grade webbing is used in the manufacturing of DCL slings. They are highly resistant to abrasion, lubricants, chemicals, and are substantially inert to alkalies.  Finally, DCL individually proof-tests synthetic slings and/or assemblies if requested by the customer. Proof tests are commonly performed pulling the assembly to twice the designed rated capacity in a straight pull. DCL can accommodate other than 2:1 proof-test load testing requirements as requested. In such cases, a Proof Test Certificate is issued to attest to the fact that the web sling and/or assembly was proof-tested to a stated load. In cases where a proof-test is not requested by the customer, DCL can issue a Certificate of Compliance that states the construction of the web sling and/or assembly conforms to applicable construction standards and meets rated capacities stated but excludes an actual proof-test conducted on the product.