DCL carries a wide variety and vast inventory of all products that would be considered Towing, Subsea, and Anchor Handling. Some products that would be considered Towing, Subsea, and Anchor Handling include forged towing shackles, Green Pin® wide mouth towing shackles, towing plates, DCL ROV Hooks, Original Pee Wee® Sockets, Workhorse Pee-Wee Sockets, Miller Deepwater Swivels, CR Chain Swivel, Modeer & Mambo Shackles, Roulette Thimble & Hinge Links, Workhorse SRC, Workhorse SRT, Carpenter Stoppers, Anchor Line Hooks, J-Type Chain Chasers, Collar-Type Chain Chasers, and finally Grapnels.

The first product we will detail from Towing, Subsea, and Anchor Handling is Forged Towing Shackles. LBNO Forged Towing Shackles are primarily designed for the marine towing industry. The wide throat opening and more than generous inside dimensions will allow for the passage of heavy-duty hawser thimbles, in addition to the large synthetic rope thimbles normally used in the towing industry. In order to accomplish this with standard shackles, a much larger than needed shackle must be used, thus creating a weight problem in handling for the workmen. The LBNO shackle is equipped with an oval-shaped pin which is stronger than round pins and less likely to deform. The tapered end of the pin is carefully threaded the full width of the nut, eliminating the common problem of galled threads. All pins come with a safety nut secured by a cotter key to prevent backing off due to vibration.

LBNO shackles have:

  • Minimum Ultimate Strength – 5 times rated capacity
  • Design Rated capacity permanently marked on every shackle.
  • Average proof load is twice rated capacity
  • All shackles furnished proof tested with certifications.

DCL’s towing plates are simpler, stronger, and safer—that’s the MARQUIP tow plate. Its patented design lets you rig the bridle with only three shackles, eliminating the extra weight, cost, time, and risk of older-style flounder plates. The No. 2 plate features an extra hole for a tandem shackle to tow additional barges, or to haul in the bridle. Cast from nickel-chrome steel, MARQUIP plates also provide maximum corrosion resistance. They are available in 300,000-, 485,000-, and 624,000-pound pull test capacities, and can be certified on request.

DCL’s ROV Hooks designed for ease, reliability, and safe operation in the installation and retrieval of subsea equipment. The entire ROV Friendly mechanism is manufactured from stainless steel. Hooks are constructed from alloy steel. ROV Hooks can be proof tested and load certified to 21/2 times the Working Load Limit (WLL).