DCL Mooring & Rigging is a recognized leader in supplying a variety of lifting, mooring and inspection products and services to domestic and international customers in the marine, construction, industrial and oil and gas industries. Based in New Orleans, LA, the company has been meeting the needs of customers for over 75 years.

The operation grew from its beginning in 1945 as Dreyfus Supply, Inc. to the power-house it is today through acquisitions. In 2003 Dreyfus acquired the Cortney Company forming Dreyfus-Cortney, Inc. Dreyfus Supply and the Cortney Company were premier mooring supply operations providing anchors, anchor chain, buoys, fenders, related hardware and mooring design expertise to the market. Dreyfus-Cortney, Inc acquired Lowery Brothers Rigging Center in 2004 creating the only company internationally to offer a complete array of not only mooring products and expertise but ALSO full-service sling fabrication, rigging product supplies and testing services to customers. The company began doing business as DCL Mooring & Rigging in 2006 to recognize the history of its operating companies and unique combined capabilities.

Today’s offshore and marine management, operations, engineering and field personnel are challenged to perform 21st Century tasks with 20th Century equipment.  Recognizing the rapidly changing and more demanding needs of its customers and an increasing industry-driven demand for the right tool for the more complex job, DCL formed a sister company to DCL Mooring & Rigging specializing in new product development. Established in 2008, DCL Engineered Solutions (DCL-ES) provides patent assistance, design, engineering, testing, prototype development, CNC machining and fabrication of specialty and limited-production components for the marine and offshore oil industries.  Stand-alone engineering services, comprehensive manufacturing capabilities and world-wide distribution programs are also available.  DCL-ES works with you to design and deliver a component to meet your needs.  If you already have an idea in mind, DCL-ES can engineer and develop your design into a finished product. DCL-ES combines innovative engineering with state of the art software, equipment and processes to develop “Tomorrow’s Ideas Today!”.

DCL fabricates all sizes of wire and synthetic rope slings for heavy lift applications. With wire rope swage capabilities up to 4 ½ inch sleeve diameter, serving as an authorized Slingmax-Twinpath fabricator and with complete round and nylon sling fabrication in-house, DCL can meet any lift requirement. DCL provides onsite and offsite inspection and proof-testing of wire rope, slings and hardware. These services are supported by inventory management, RFID tagging, NDT services & warehousing capabilities to manage your rigging assets and to keep you compliant. Utilizing stationary and portable proof testing capabilities up to 3 million pounds and basket testing up to 120,000 pounds all supported by level 3 trained inspectors, DCL provides complete inspection and testing services. DCL offers a broad line of anchors, anchor chain, links, swivels & fittings to meet any vessel or shore mooring requirement. Product lines include all sizes of anchors, anchor chain, wire rope, hardware, deck & dock fittings, buoys, fenders, river ratchets, galley equipment and testing services. DCL has the expertise and products to secure the simplest thru the most complex mooring requirement. DCL provides all size wire and synthetic rope hardware and fittings. In addition to distributing its own product lines such as LBNO fittings, PeeWee sockets and its new line of synthetic rope connectors, the company sources product from international and domestic manufacturers and represents numerous suppliers and manufacturers worldwide including Crosby. DCL can meet any rigging requirement.