Asset Management


DCL has partnered with InfoChip to provide state of the art asset tracking and management.  Features of this technology include:

  • Track, inspect and maintain any asset including Crosby products, rigging, cranes, fall protection, hoses, pumps, valves and other equipment
  • RFID for instant identification and asset status
  • Online certificated database
  • Inspection schedules emailed automatically
  • Photos of defects recorded with inspections
  • View past inspection results and notes in the field
  • Maintain complex equipment with preventative maintenance and repair tracking functionality
  • Inventory and rental tracking
  • Pull-test software with test bed integration
  • Sales and work order systems
  • Upload legacy data and customer inventory
  • Ruggedized with options such as GPS camera capabilities and intrinsically safe units.

InfoChip can reduce your costs and make business easier.  To view a demo video of this technology, visit