LBNO Anchor Line Trip Hooks were primarily designed for the marine industry. They are most useful in retrieving or setting anchors around marine pipe-laying and construction barges. When retrieving, an extra-strong hook is necessary to snag the loop or eye of the anchor buoy cable for it to be wound on the drum of a workboat. When setting anchors, the workboat reaches the desired distance for the barge, and with anchor off of the ocean floor, the workboat begins to release the winch line. When the anchor hook reaches approximately half-way from the stern of the boat, the small hook of the hold back line is inserted into the bottom hole of the anchor line hook. When slackening the winch line further, the hold back line will tighten, causing the anchor line hook to trip or release automatically from the loop of the buoy cable.

When ordering Always Specify Made-in-the-USA,  LBNO Quality, Alloy Anchor Line Hooks. All of these advantages have been demonstrated over and over again, by outstanding on-the-job performance.

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