Crosby® Grade 80 Chain Sling Configurations

Follow these simple steps in making a sling assembly:

  1. Determine the maximum load to be lifted by the sling assembly.
  2. Choose the type of sling assembly suited for the shape of the load and the size of the sling assembly for the load to be lifted. The decision must take into account the angle of the sling legs in multileg slings.
  3. Determine the overall reach for bearing point of master link to bearing point on hook. (see Fig. 1)
  4. Select components, assemble chain and components.
  5. Affix sling identification tag to sling. The tag is available from your Crosby Distributor.

Each sling shall be marked to show: name or trademark of the manufacturer, grade, nominal chain size, number of legs, rated load for the type(s) of hitch(es) used, and angle upon which it is based (reach).

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