• Forged from special bar quality carbon steel, suitable for cold-forming.
  • Swage Socket terminations have an efficiency rating of 100% based on the catalog strength of wire rope.
  • Hardness controlled by spheroidize annealing.
  • Stamp for identification after swaging without concern for fractures (as per directions in National Swaging Brochure).
  • Swage sockets incorporate a reduced machined area of the shank which is equivalent to the proper “After Swage” dimension.  Before swaging, this provides for an obvious visual difference int eh shank diameter.  After swaging, a uniform shank diameter is created allowing for a QUIC-CHECK® and permanent visual inspection opportunity.
  • Designed to quickly determine whether the socket has been through the swaging operation and assist in field inspections it does not eliminate the need to perform standard production inspections which include gauging for the proper “After Swage” dimensions or proof loading
  • U.S. Patent 5,152,630 and foreign equivalents.

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