Common Wire Rope Terms

If you’re unfamiliar with specific terms when ordering wire rope products, our comprehensive list below of the most common terms and abbreviations will help you place your order and ensure you get the correct products. You may also simply give DCL a call to talk to one of our knowledgeable product specialists to assure that you are getting the best steel wire rope for your application.

How to Order Wire Rope Products

To ensure that your order is filled accurately. according to your requirements, the following information should be included for each item:

  1. LENGTH – The length of each piece and the number of pieces required should be specified.
  2. DIAMETER – Specify the exact diameter of rope required.
  3. CONSTRUCTION – It is necessary to state the required construction of the rope.
  4. FINISH – When a galvanized finish is required, it should be specified. If no finish is specified, a bright or ungalvanized finish will be furnished.
  5. GRADE – The grade of steel should be specified; i.e., Improved Plow Steel (IPS) or Extra-improved Plow Steel (EIPS).
  6. PREFORMING – The requirements of preformed or non-preformed rope must be specified.
  7. LAY – The direction and type of lay should be specified. If no lay is specified, Right Regular Lay will be furnished.
  8. CORE – Specify which core type is desired.
  9. PURPOSE – It is preferred that you state the purpose or end use of the rope.
  10. SPECIAL PROCESSING – Any special instructions not included in the above should be specifically stated.

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