Cranemaster® 35/35P has the highest strength of all low rotation steel wire hoist ropes.  Typical Constructions for the Cranemaster 35/35P

  • 10mm-40mm
    • 35xK7(16xK7:6xK7+6xK7-6xK7-1×7)
  • 42mm-60mm
    • 35xK19S(16xK19S:6xK19S+6xK19S-6xK19S-1x19S)
  • A sample of rope from each production batch is tested to destruction in order to confirm compliance with catalog breaking force values
    • Loadrite.
  • Maximum resistance to rotation – Balancerite.
  • Suitable for use on single part and multi-part hoist reeving systems.
  • High fatigue life resulting from the unique compaction process.
  • Increased resistance to crushing. Recommended for multi-layer spooling operations.
  • Increased abrasion resistance resulting from the unique compaction process.
  • Optional plastic impregnation.
  • Fully lubricated in manufacture – Luberite.

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