Made in the USA Open Spelter Spelter Sockets, New & Used Inventory. Call DCL for any Custom Socket Requirements or for Recertification of Your Existing Inventory.

LBNO Standard Type Open Spelter Sockets illustrate perfectly the principle of all LBNO wire rope fittings. They are designed to fit the rope properly and to develop the full strength of the wire rope. LBNO Sockets have grooves in the socket basket for superior strength and holding power when pouring with zinc. LBNO Sockets comply with both Federal and International Standards to allow for use with resin pour.

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When ordering Always Specify LBNO Quality Open Spelter Sockets. All of these advantages have been demonstrated over and over again, by outstanding on-the-job performance.

Caution: When attaching spelter sockets to wire rope it is important to follow standard procedures as described by the Wire Rope Technical Board Brooming and cleaning of wire rope is important. When resin is used follow manufacturers’ assembly instructions.