Ocean Guard™ Floating Monopile Donut Fender

Marine Fenders International (MFI) engineers a wide range of Fender Systems to protect Naval Vessels & Submarines, Commercial Tankers, Cruise Ships, Docks, and Harbors.  These foam-filled fenders are built to the United States Navy and Coast Guard’s stringent specifications.

MFI’s Ocean Guard™ Monopile Donut Fender is designed to protect ships by freely traveling up and down a stationary steel monopile while providing an energy-absorbing fender system.  It is ideal for areas of high tidal swings.

  • High Energy Absorption – 100% Closed-Cell Foam constructed to absorb high-impact forces
  • Low Reaction Force – Slow gradual reaction force compared to hard rubber type fenders.
  • Easy Installation – Install by lowering the fender onto a pre-driven steel monopile using lifting eyes on the fender.
  • Hull Conforming – Protrusions from the ship hull will not damage or harm the fender.
  • Low Maintenance – No pressure relief of inflation valves to maintain.
  • Unsinkable – Even when punctured (unlike pneumatic fenders).

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