Samson Neutron®-8 is an excellent floating replacement for large diameter wire rope or chain.  The unique, patented construction results in the highest strength to weight ratio, with reduced compression and less diving on winch drums.  Neutron®-8 is ideal for tractor tug working lines and a variety of specialty deepwater applications where long lengths, high strength, and low weight are critical.

Recommended for split drum or single drum winch applications; not recommended for use on H-bitts, capstans, or cleats if surging or rendering the rope is required.


  • Firm shape retention on single drum winch applications
  • Available in large diameter sizes and long lengths
  • Low-stretch, high durability and easy to splice
  • A flexible rope made with Dyneema® SK-75
  • A floating wire rope replacement


  • Tractor tug winch line
  • Specialized deep water mooring or lifting projects
  • First-line ashore/emergency tow line
  • Wire rope lifting sling replacement

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