“Yokohama Style” Fenders

The purpose of a fender is to absorb the kinetic energy of the ship for the protection of the ship’s hull.  Sea & Tec Pneumatic Fenders offer low reaction force and high energy absorption, making it possible for fenders to perform well under harsh conditions, protecting ships and facilities against external impact.

Pressure Rating

  • Pneumatic 50 (P50, Initial internal pressure 50kPa)
  • Pneumatic 80 (P80, Initial internal pressure 80kPa)

Net Type

Net-Type fenders are covered with a chain net, wire net, or fiber net for small size fenders.  Usually, these nets have used tires together with rubber sleeves for additional protection, except for fiber net which has only rubber sleeves.  Chain nets last longer against corrosion, while wire nets are light and more easily repaired.

Sling Type

Sling-Type fenders have an attachment eye on each end for lifting and installation.  The handling of align-type fenders is easy due to their lightweight.

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