DCL fabricates and stores a variety of competitively priced-round slings for numerous applications.

Round Sling Characteristics:

  • Lifting Fibers – Endless loops of polyester load-bearing yarn
  • Label – Plastic or leather available – Private labeling is also available
  • Capacities – 3000 pounds to 60,000 pounds vertical-rated capacity
  • Design Factor – 5 to 1
  • Colors – Wide variety available (including BLACK for stage rigging)
  • Configurations – Round slings and eye-and-eye
  • Applications – Vertical, basket, or choker
  • Cover – Polyester outer cover with inner red polyester sleeve (Available in both plain polyester and inspectable unique clear cover) 
  • Out Cover – Cordura® outer covers also available for more abrasion resistance. Nomes® outer covers also available for heat protection

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