Lightweight, high strength rope that grips H-bitts and capstans

Quantum-8 was developed to meet customer requests for a lightweight, high strength, torque-free rope that can float and grip a winch or capstan.  Lighter and stronger than Proton-8, Quantum-8 is a unique upgrade.  This patented construction utilizes Samson’s exclusive DPX® fiber technology.  Quantum-8 has a comparable grip to Proton-8, but unlike Proton-8, it floats.  Samson’s proven DPX® fiber technology has the best abrasion and cut resistance of all high-performance fibers, so rope durability is excellent.  Quantum-8 has multiple marine uses.  It can be used as a high-performance tug working line, a floating tug stern line, a typhoon or vessel mooring line, an offshore messenger, or a pick-up line.  Quantum-89 has an orange urethane coating for high visibility as well as additional abrasion resistance


  • A blend of polyester and Dyneema® SK-75
  • Good grip on capstans and H-bitts
  • Floats
  • Better abrasion resistance than Proton®-8
  • Excellent single drum spooling capabilities


  • Wire replacement
  • Secondary mooring lines
  • Barge and dredge working lines
  • Tractor tug winch lines
  • General working lines
  • Heavy lift slings
  • Rig tow lines
  • Lowering/lifting lines.

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