Ratchet Buckles allow loaders and drivers to quickly and easily tension nylon sling webbing to properly secure a load on a flatbed or other application prior to transit. 


  • To Tension – Pull webbing through the roller to take up the slack.  Operate the buckle handle back and forth until the webbing is properly tensioned.  The handle should be in the down position (closed) when in use.
  • To Release – Disengage the locking latch by squeezing toward the handle and rotate handle over center to the full and open position.
  1. 1” Ratchet – Standard Handle
    1. Part No. 810 (Rated 1,200 LBS.)
  2. 2” Ratchet – Long Handle
    1. Part No. 801 (Rated 6,600 LBS.)
    2. Part No. 802 (Rated 13,200 LBS.)
  3. 2” Ratchet – Wide Handle
    1. Part No. 803 (Rated 13,200 LBS.)
  4. 3” Ratchet – Wide Handle
    1. Part No. 804 (Rated 13,200 LBS.)
    2. Part No. 806 (Rated 17,200 LBS.)

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The ratchets have been re-engineered with a new line of ratchet buckles to meet the demanding requirements of the cargo handling industry.  A long handle (no. 803) permits greater tensioning.  The wide handle (no. 804) is designed to be used with gloved hands.  An added safety factor consisting of a locking device in the handle provides an extra safety factor that eliminates accidental release due to vibration.  Removable rear bolt facilitates easier repairs or conversions

All parts of the ratchet are made of high strength alloy steel, plated for long-life corrosion resistance, and nylon washers provide longer-lasting ease of operation.