Splicing Fids and Pushers for Brain-on-Braid Rope

See the dimensions below in inches based on the rope diameter.

Splicing Fids – For Diamond Braid Rope

All that’s needed for instant, easy splicing of Diamond Braid ropes is a fid of the proper diameter for the rope. See the dimensions below in inches based on the rope diameter. 

NOTE: The ⅝ in. fid is also used for splicing ¾ in.

Rope Measurer

Meets the National Bureau of Standards H-44 Requirements. Accurately measures cordage, from 5/32 to 3/4 inch diameter, within Weights and Measures tolerances. The Digital counter indicates feet and inches up to 99 feet 11 inches and continues. Also subtracts. Rates at 1,000 feet per minute.

Electronic Cutting Gun

A handy tool that cuts and seals the ends of synthetic ropes in one fast movement. 120 Volts A.C., 60 cycle, 1.1 amps., 130 watts. 5-foot cord.

Knot & Splicing Instruction Book

A comprehensive 70-page book containing a world of information about rope and its uses. 139 illustrations with easy-to-follow instructions. How to tie knots and hitches. How to splice braided and twisted ropes. How to make things with rope and much more.

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