Synthetic slings have changed the way heavy lift is done.  In the 1970’s the concept of polyester round slings, made of multiple loops of polyester yarn was introduced to the U.S.A. from Scandinavia.  Polyester round slings showed the world the advantages of a lower cost and safer-to-use lifting concept.  But polyester and nylon had the limits; fiber/yarn technology has advanced a lot  in the last 50 years, now there are High-Performance HMWPE synthetic fibers that are stronger than steel and 6-10 times lighter.  They make slings that are flexible to conform to the load you are lifting and far easier and safer for your riggers to handle.

DCL is a distributor of Slingmax High-Performance synthetic slings.  We can not only advise you on the best fit for your application, but we fabricate the slings at our facility. DCL can explain the entire ecosystem of Slingmax lifting gear including cut and chafe protection, specialized shackles and hooks and show you the built-in technologies that assure that you can make a safe lift, every time. Call DCL to discuss your project’s requirements.