DCL Engineering Recruiting

Another recruiting trip... this time around we went to the University of New Orleans. DCL continuously expands on its engineering capabilities... "Engineered Solutions - Tomorrow's Ideas, Today!"

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Hawser Thimble

DCL/LBNO Products

Are you familiar with the DCL/LBNO product line? 100% made in USA! We stock up to 3-1/2” wire rope LBNO Hawser thimbles...click the link below to learn more and reach out to…

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Expansive Mooring Supply Inventory

We're going to need a bigger boat! It's always fun to sell 26,000 lb. anchors and exceeding our customer's expectations! These massive anchors are a small part of our extensive new,…

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DCL Celebrates Scott Folse’s 25th Anniversary

1 score and 5 years ago, Scott Folse began his journey with Lowery Brothers Rigging Center (now merged with DCL) and has always been a dedicated employee and team player!…

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The Right Sling For Your Application

What type of slings do you require?  DCL has the engineering and technical knowledge to recommend the right sling for your application. How many slings do you require? DCL's huge inventory…

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Two New Additions To Our Growing Team!

DCL Mooring & Rigging is excited to announce two new additions to our growing team! Sheryl Tanner & Baylie Billiot have joined the DCL Team.  Sheryl will be joining  as…

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Crosby Feubo

DCL Mooring & Rigging is the stocking distributor of Crosby Feubo products for North America & Mexico. Crosby Feubo is a leader in innovating, developing and selling offshore mooring components for…

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Hans Jonassen Retires

Hans Jonassen Retires!  The man, the myth, the legend!  DCL recently celebrated Hans Jonassen’s retirement with lunchtime shrimp boil which included lots of laughter and shared memories.  His career spanned…

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Employee Campaign Coordinator of the Year

We are humbled to receive the 21-22 Small Company Of The Year Award from the United Way for our efforts supporting their cause.And we are especially proud of Robbie Denny…

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High Performance Synthetic Slings

Fulfilling our customer's requirements and meeting their short delivery schedules is what we do daily at DCL Mooring & Rigging.  Ask about our high performance synthetic slings as a possible…

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