Rigging for the Troops

We all can’t serve, but we all can support those who do!DCL Mooring and Rigging has joined Crosby in sponsoring the 2021 Rigging for the Troops campaign to help provide college scholarships…

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Suction Pile

THIS SUCKS...but it’s supposed to.  It’s a suction pile, 32 ft. in diameter and the largest diameter pile ever fabricated in the US Gulf of Mexico.  Weighing in at 474,000…

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3 1/2" x 3M Grommet

Fabricated Grommet

IF IT WAS EASY – ANYONE COULD DO IT.  Making a 3 meter effective length/pulled down grommet from 3-1/2” wire rope with only one sleeve is not easy. It takes…

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You Want It, We Got It

Where else in the world could you find fenders, anchors, buoys, fittings, wire rope and high-performance synthetic ropes in a single vendor’s inventory?  And where else in the world would…

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Big Rope Slings

“Big Bad Boys” is what our rigging crew calls slings from big rope like the 2-3/4” x 10’ with same plane soft eyes constructed for a major offshore contractor. But…

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Jumper Rigging

Jumper Rigging

How do you make a customer jump for joy? Try having his jumper rigging package delivered on time and on budget!The DCL New Orleans team can handle the rigging for…

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Crosby Feubo Links

LinkedUp – that’s what DCL is now that our most recent stock order of Crosby Feubo Links arrived at our New Orleans warehouse. Pictured are Grade R4 & R5 Tridents,…

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Safety Lunch

Seeing the forest for the trees is an admirable trait when it comes to Safety.  Just ask Brandon Forrest, DCL’s Safety Champion for 2020.  Brandon’s treats Safety as a way…

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Stanley Hussain Retires

Time flies when you are having fun and being really good at what you do. Adham “Stanley” Husain recently retired after forty-one (41) years working at DCL and was really…

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Pipe Clamp Test

 “How in the world will we test those Pipe Clamps?” said the Project Manager. “We better call DCL” he added. And DCL came up with the solution and successfully tested…

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