Helping you lift the biggest, heaviest, toughest loads on the Planet is what we have been doing since the 1940’s.  You want experience? We got that. But it’s not just heavy lift it’s anything you need to lift from an aircraft, to workboats, to industrial machinery, to an AC unit on the top of a skyscraper – we can help you get it done.

Need shackles, hooks, sockets, wire rope slings, synthetic slings, chain slings, load cells, synthetic rope slings, fittings of any size and WLL, anchors, anchor chain, tow plates, fenders?  We got that, and a lot more.  Call DCL to discuss what you need to make your project work the first time, in time and in a safe and efficient, cost-effective manner.  And remember DCL has new and rebuilt/recertified used gear that we sell and rent.  Whatever you need, we can supply it.