DCL Mooring & Rigging keeps stock of all the most common types of anchors for use within offshore and shipping industries. With new and used anchors from 22lbs to 60,000lbs available for immediate delivery.

  • Stockless Anchor  This is the standard anchor for ships that are likely to encounter all types of sea bottoms. It combines the advantages of dead weight for holding in very hard bottoms with the ability to bite and hold in sand and/or mud. It features include: rugged construction, simple design, easy handling and stowing.
  • Hall Anchor This anchor is one of the most commonly used conventional ship anchors. The Hall anchor has the characteristics of a Stockless anchor.
  • Workboat Anchor – These anchors afford excellent holding power in sand or mud bottoms. As its name states, this is the “working” anchor for numerous offshore vessels.
  • LWT Anchor   The “hook” head forces the flukes to dig in quickly, and the large fluke design provides tremendous holding power in sand or mud bottoms. Adjuster blocks available to alter fluke angle.
  • Stato AnchorThis is an improved permanent type of mooring anchor developed by the U.S. Navy affording unusually high holding strength in either sand or mud bottoms through the use of the wedge inserts and palm extensions.
  • Moorfast AnchorThis anchor is designed with enlarged flukes and tripping palms for quick and stable penetration in sand and/or mud bottoms.
  • Snug Stowing Anchor    This anchor simplifies ship bow design, and eliminates the need for cumbersome hawse pipe bolsters. It effectively stoppers the hawse pipe, houses freely with minimum protrudence and provides maximum bearing on the ship’s shell. The anchor provides great holding power for most uses.
  • Pool (N) Anchor   The flukes of the POOL N anchor are constructed out of two shaped plates, which are welded together. Therefore, the flukes of the POOL N anchor are hollow. This construction gives the anchor a large resistance against bending forces. This anchor is fully balanced, which enables them to be smoothly stowed in an anchor pocket. The end shape of the shank of the anchor can be varied for application of all different types and dimensions of connection parts.
  • Pool (TW) Anchor    Although all Pool anchors have high holding ability, the Pool TW anchor shows best the combination of holding power and fluke surface. The anchor has large flat flukes made out of high tensile steel plate material. The extreme points and the inner edges of the flukes are sharpened in order to enable them to dig easily. To prevent the anchor from digging in too deep, the POOL TW anchor is equipped with crown plates. The end shape of the shank of the POOL TW power anchor can be varied for application of all different types and dimensions of connection parts.
  • AC-14 Anchor –   This is a high holding power anchor. The flukes are shaped to insure an immediate grip into the seabed. The small flukes on either side will right the anchor to its proper position. Its increased efficiency over conventional anchors is maintained on most bottoms including clay and pebbly sand.
  • Delta Anchor –    The Delta Anchor is a superior holding power anchor which can be used in a variety of applications. The open design offers rapid penetration in a variety of sea bed conditions. This anchor is designed with easy dismantling for shipping purposes.
  • ST Offshore Anchor –    This offshore anchor offers self-righting ability and ease of racking. The fluke angle is adjustable for optimum performance in hard and soft bottoms. The design offers disassembly into two parts for easier transportation, resulting in lower shipping cost.
  • Bruce FFTS Anchor –  The Bruce FFTS MK4 anchor, with its unique self-righting ability and ease of racking is the offshore anchor of choice for rig upgrades, due to these characteristics reducing rig downtime during anchor handling operations.
    • Superior holding performance in all sea beds.
    • Complete self-righting ability, even if it lands upside down.
    • Choice of fluke angles for optimum performance in hard and soft bottoms.
    • Simplified fluke angle adjustment by moving two plain pins, no welding required.
    • Disassembly into two parts for easier, lower cost shipping.
    • Approved by A.B.S, B.V, D.N.V, L.R.S and R.I.N.A as a general purpose high holding power anchor.

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